I am.
I am free.
I am abundant.
I am beautiful.
I am enough.

Affirmations are positive phrases we repeatedly say out loud to ourselves so that our subconscious mind registers these words as true. 

We use affirmations in the present tense because our future is created in the NOW. We all have goals we want to reach, but we don’t perform the actions it takes to achieve it in the future. We perform those actions right now. What we do in the present directly affects what our future looks like. Once we look start looking at things this way, we realize that we are truly in control of our lives and destiny.

Starting the day with positive affirmations will facilitate anything we want to achieve. Not only would we feel damn good after telling ourselves how great we are, we are also changing our molecular structures to match our physical with our mental state. 

Practice this and watch your days change!