I’ve had this domain since 2016 and I’ve created so much content privately throughout the years with the goal of launching a women-oriented blog.

But I couldn’t figure out what I wanted my main focus to be. The constant changes in my life kept altering my vision.

I realized that change is inevitable, and it’s alright if my focus/message eventually changes too. I just need to go on and be the voice I’ve always aspired to be. 

“Mastering self and wealth.” In a nutshell, this is my mission in life and what I want to help other women with. I’ve been on a very long journey trying to understand myself, better myself, and dig deeper into my spirit.

Alongside of my spiritual journey, I’ve also been trying to build financial stability for myself and my family.

I believe self and wealth go hand in hand. We can’t master self without wealth, and we can’t master wealth without mastering self. By wealth I don’t mean riches, but basic finances and abundance.

Becoming the best version of ourselves would help us bring abundance into our lives which is what we all ultimately deserve. 

I don’t have it all figured out yet. Actually I don’t have anything figured out. 2019 has been the year of rebirth for me. I’m starting this journey from scratch. Just three weeks ago, I suddenly lost a great job that gave me purpose and flexibility every mom dreams of. I lost our apartment that my family lived in for four years.

All I have right now is some savings in my bank account and the very power of my mind. 

Stick around as I create this blog and simultaneously create my future in the process.


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