About Jensa


Asiatic Moon inspires women to Master Self and Wealth by building a strong (financial) and (spiritual) foundation to manifest a life of abundance.


I’m 27 with two beautiful children, 6 and 1. I was a social worker at my previous job who was responsible for finding care for elders to function inside their homes. I truly enjoyed this job but found myself unemployed after a very unfortunate circumstance involving my daughter.

I’ve been on a long journey to reach spiritual and financial freedom and losing my job makes me feel as if I took ten steps backwards. But, deep down I’ve always wanted to use the time I spent at a job w/ my kids and working towards my real life goals instead to live a more meaningful life.

So in a sense I’ve been given an opportunity… despite my life currently feeling completely out of balance. I am a beautiful disaster and believe that my mind and my spirit will take me places I truly deserve.