Minimalism Begins With An Open Mind

Three years ago, I watched the documentary Becoming Minimalists on Netflix and it inspired me SO much. It gave me a very different perspective on life and it showed me the deeper meaning behind owning less stuff.

Minimalism is about owning LESS material things in order to make room for MORE of what matters. 

After I watched the documentary, I wanted nothing but to become a minimalist. I started selling sneakers I owned that I still liked but I barely wore. I went through all of my random papers, my kitchen, my house, my clothes, my children’s toys. EVERYTHING.

But the crazy realization was how much I was getting rid of, yet how much still remained and how much continued to come in…

Minimalism begins with an open mind because some of us might not even want to give a chance to understand it. Getting rid of stuff doesn’t mean we will then lack things we THINK we need. It’s truly about learning how to let go of material possessions. It makes us realize what truly matters. It makes us realize how wasteful we are as human beings. 

I’m no where close to how minimal I want to be but learning about this concept has helped me become more mindful of the things I purchase and own. I don’t believe in depriving ourselves from things we want because we ultimately deserve a lot of what we desire. But, it helps us put our focus on the non-physical things that matter. There is so much more life has to offer other than the physical, material things that surround us.


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