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Part of my 2015 vision board that I rediscovered in early 2019 after it was moved out of my then-apartment (I lost the N in entrepreneur lol.) This was just when I was planning ideas in my head - barely any pieces to show for it. Manifestation knows no time!

Asiatic Moon became a thought in 2014. Her literal meaning is "Woman of Asia" (as I'm of Cambodian decent) and is meant to be thought of as Feminine Energy, Creator, and Original Woman.

The message came before the jewelry ever did. I always knew I wanted to create something for myself that would inspire others. It stemmed from my deep desire of creating my own path because the thought of enslaving myself with children made me sick. I wanted something that was mine. 

Asiatic Moon represents women from different walks of life who overcomes anything that comes their way. We all have our own stories to tell, but we have more in common than not based on our struggles as a woman. Asiatic Moon is meant to inspire those women and she found her channel through jewelry making. Art and creation is one of the most powerful ways to inspire others and helps us maintain our own peace + happiness.

I hope that through my jewelry you are inspired to find what fulfills you!

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