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The Creator

I’m Jensa, a Cambodian mother of two from MA. I started teaching myself to make jewelry when my son was two y/o after thinking of a hobby that I could fully pursue. I was working full time w/ an inconsistent schedule while taking night + online classes for my associates degree. At the same time I took an online jewelry course @ NYIAD that I never finished. But I fell in love with creating and the thought of having my own jewelry line. I wanted to inspire others, especially mothers, to do what they love (+ become successful from it) through my handmade jewelry. My issue was that I felt like I couldn’t inspire anyone without the success first - so I overthought the process. That’s where I was wrong. 

Here I am @ 28 with two children and I have absolutely nothing in life figured out after losing my job, career, apartment, and then some. It’s been a year and I’m still trying to pick up the pieces! All I really have left to do is hope to create + inspire... what I thought I could only do after I reached “success.” Truth is there is magic in creation no matter how big or small. What you create for you - nobody can take from you, and I'm grateful I had something special left.

My message is that life is so unexpected, so you should do everything you’ve been wanting to do while you can! We honestly don’t know what could happen tomorrow. Creativity truly brings peace, love + happiness with ourselves then with others by sharing that energy. If I could motivate someone to run with all the ideas they’ve got in their mind or notebook.. that’s my goal with Asiatic Moon!